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Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service: A Golden Shovel

Calendar Year—Due 06/17/2019
File only if you are making a payment of estimated tax by check or money order.

When I see it coming, I like a good facefuck. I file
my nails and await the desert mound. I love me only
when someone desires me, the potential hole if
it pleases, open and hot for gagging. I spent you
and you fell curled like a fetus to the bed. Are
you sure about the lavender field up north, making
terror with the mask of terror? I hate purple, a
a contusion flooding light. Admiration means payment,
my mouth spent of such transaction. When I think of
tenderness, I fill with money. Five Thirty-Eight estimated
a 41 to 42% chance of re-election in a good economy, the tax
returns no matter. I will always lose when I compare, so by
your side, I slump gaping on my back, a wet loser. Please check
how soaked I get, a floral breeze moving toward my face or
away. Everyone else told us our kind only care about money.
I stoop to hands and knees, tailbone opening. I wait for my order.

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  1. wrecking.

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