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Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Services: A Golden Shovel

Calendar Year—Due 9/16/2019
Mail this voucher with your check or money order payable to the 'United States Treasury.

What bothers you about this school? Some say food, some, mail
confusion. Adjunct rates make up a national average of 49% of this
country’s teaching staff. I consider what I’ll lose with this voucher.
The rate of adjuncts at University of Wisconsin-Madison come with
some good news: only 17% of teaching staff are adjuncts. With your
focus still on numbers, however, a breakdown is required. Check
percentages against quantifiable numbers, I tell my students. Or
at the very least, be mindful that even 1% of prisoners without money
for bail still racks up into the millions. Humanity, we are out of order.
In this community, there is a commitment to building a strong (payable)
long-term instructional team. Seventeen percent, while smaller, is equal to
4,400 adjuncts who have to subsist on pay by the credit hour. With the
incomes of adjunct commensurate with incoming graduate classes, united
only in capitalistic depletion, it is with great misfortunate that unless the states
of their numbers remain even to last year, I’ll send my spit again to the treasury.
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