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We are pulling The City Real & Imagined

As of a few moments ago, we have pulled The City Real & Imagined from our website & we will also be pulling it from our distributor ASAP, as requested by CAConrad. Please know that we are just as shocked by this revelation from Frank as everyone else. But our policy is clear, and we do not expect any objections from him either. Thank you.


Screenshot of Facebook post repeats the language above plus the following update: “Frank Sherlock is also in complete agreement with this decision. No one associated with the book objects. We’ve seen a few posts floating around about how we are ‘censoring’ Frank, etc. that are absolutely off-base. The withdrawal of the book is a mutual agreement by the three of us, absolutely in line with our contract language and mission as a press, and we all feel it is the best response at this time.”
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