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Say this a conversation about luck. Say just. Say did not purge today.
Say that a purge means more than acid up the throat. Say biked eight miles

say hot yoga say the bend and fold of flesh. Say restriction takes years
and many bodies. Say to restrict restriction requires less restriction, ask

how are you holding up in all of this. Say the woman returns to girl
the same flesh as ever, a curling upward as meat restricts in the pan.

Say moon cannot rinse the body of the brute. Say the toilet’s vinegar
reek dizzies the mind, the race to get to empty, empty taxed and heaved—

it comes so easily. Say a bite mark never bloomed and scarred the hand.
Say then better. Say better is a state of knowledge without evidence. Say

bones press through skin, a removal of the middling. Say interiors
work best when hollowed, a space to sit in blood. Say the veins forest

to the surface, strained, brimming. Say lay down in the road young
and ready to be flattened. Say nobody stopped [     ]. Sucked in belly,

wrapped in plastic, a tree say with tethering. Say tried to midden the I, a
flesh mound, spent shells. Say hotlines, sour teeth, a skull dripping ichor. 
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