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after the road, the pass
after the pass, the steep nothing, ravine for days, all days
who go uncounted, some days too harsh to number. in the
winter it’s the alternate ways and the unrailed ice, no one
to stop you, side step ash and chain. having never been
the one behind the wheel, having been set on a blizzard
road uncountable times & ways. here’s a place with no grip,
here’s a slope for only uncontrolled sliding, here’s an animal’s
engine useless against a fact. the road says down, you bail.
the road says no road, you drop, my hand on your cheek,
my oh, my love. four of you rolling away from the engine,
forming a new engine, you
& you
& you
there was a choice to make, the choice was go or go.

(place this card both above and below the house, relative to other seasons)

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