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When the dodecahedrons go the way of the dodo

I’ll follow the longboats into the afternoon

I tell myself that story, telomeres and waterbears

And breadfruit roasts in hot rock ovens under the sand

A vegan shark substitute I’m barely myself, I’m only a symptom

Waving to you from the balcony facing the beach

As enthusiastic as a tube puppet outside a car dealership

Humble, happy, pious, and silent

In the wind meditation feelings of loss are met with

Evidence of having and that freedom goes on many days

Forgiveness provisionally withheld

Down a river as it evaporates in the direction of the ocean

Until the toy boats get so small and densely modeled

They aren’t even fun to play with

Are polished rocks more magnetic

Do coins bathed in acid overnight catch your eye

Like allergy and family gossip, true only in a historical sense

Here I am seed in the ground living in the land of the future

Some clouds go on telling that story my story is

Maybe personless, or maybe pitiless, or maybe helpful?

Running my nails along the knots

Tied round my middle fingers to remind me of

Something I can’t remember what

My calendar is empty all of last year

X’s in boxes, a mustache made of cream

That’s how apocalypses are

It’s busy but I’m used to it and I have time for you always

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