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Checklist for NAPOWRIMO Day 2 (April 2, Good Friday)

1.) Zero Goat Thirty
2.) plug the dark mass in
3.) don’t wanna live in no fucking dragon’s eye
4.) blocked by garbage AGAIN
5.) drawing on eyebrows at the kitchen table
6.) Rise and/or shine
7.) mother a good gift-giver?
8.) Miz Cracker is Polish!
9.) rich rising, Goth chick #1
10.) need and thread
11.) sick hair, why am I here?
12.) kite belonging to the abandoned subway station
13.) I AM this room with the ugly wallpaper
14.) surfer + love = illumination
15.) Jungle Meth
16.) The Girl Who Never Pressed “Send”
17.) under afflicted stars
18.) GNOMES at Virgo
19.) Lowe’s Spring Equinox Paint ‘n Sip
20.) “Spinning Away” Eno & Cale
21.) the vulnerability of order
22.) Aries ingress, and any number of additional holes
23.) dispel stasis in the palace of blood
24.) If it moves around and swims how come I can eat it?
25.) forgive for the sake of water
26.) trees and me: electricity
27.) once hoping becomes an apotheosis of hoping
28.) Tonya Foster’s map project
29.) she’s nicer to her students than she is to me
30.) limerence is revisiting my earliest OCD
31.) I missed Sunday, because of upsets
32.) brick
33.) degrees

The Checklist is a form that was shared with me by poet and artist and beloved friend Fork Burke. It was shared with her by Robert Wallace, who learned about it from Daniel Kacyvenski (aka Daniel Joseph). “In the end, the Checklist is perhaps nothing more than a vain and futile attempt to capture in writing the tiny details of one’s life as they speed by too quickly and in too great a volume to ever grasp” — Robert Wallace. All Checklists end with “33” as a reference to freemasonry where 33 is “the highest level one can rise to” (Robert Wallace, May 2012)

4 thoughts on “Checklist for NAPOWRIMO Day 2 (April 2, Good Friday)

  1. Lurve yr checklists! And really glad to have learned about this form (I think when we read with Edwin for Local Knowledge?) Is 33 the Jesus year too? Or is that 32? Those Masons and their triangles…

    1. Yeah, 33 also the Jesus Year. Officially yesterday!

  2. I am officially obsessed w/ these.

    1. Me too! My brilliant friend Fork intro’d me to Checklists:

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