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I am mystery / you are your story / I am your starry
night and you my shining / you shine hard & I’m such
a hard act, pill to follow, swallow / you leave

at intermission / throat, dry

I am inhospitable / you are in a hospital / pleased I am
as punch / nursing a domestic dispute / say judge maybe say
judy judy judy / I’m an open bloom, book / you will likely

skim, pluck

love me not / I am Off with his head! / suddenly you are
a shorter horseman / I’ll tumble for you turn me round
round baby right round / I am nearly retired / but you are

tired for the first time

I may be a misanthrope but / you cantaloupe, not without
your melonhead / I am not the droid / you are looking
good / jesus please just stop / I am ajar, adrift, a mess

you’re in a pickle / bottle-fogged

we may be quantumly entangled / but I am not remotely
interested / I am woman composed / you vomit manifesto
and think “same” / I am like zeroes, zeroes, zeroes while

you are roses all. the way. down.

I am the driven snow / and you, you are the snow’s
chauffeur / what I yam is what I yam though you’re so
veined / cabbage, baggage / I try to carry on and wonder

if you are also crow, scared / and scene

2 thoughts on “marriage

  1. I recently listened to an Esther Perel interview in which she talked about real erotic intelligence and now I am bowing down to it.

  2. Judge Judy!!

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