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Send me chips and an unabridged list of your nicknames

terms of endearment and scorn and worship and ridicule

and chance–decompositon and chance and accordions and chance

riding away on a glittery tram with an ad for the water you want. Meanwhile, you must

remain as in ruminate as in Rumi’s

years without Shams

Maybe I just typed Shames and maybe in their origin story Shams

approaches Rumi in a library a Rumi surrounded by piles of books

glowing and gilded and bent in half like hats or open bare and butterflied and Shams

gestures to this spectacle and is like what’s this and Rumi is immediately all

o you wouldn’t know but before he finishes Shams sets the books and library on fire

then it’s Rumi’s turn for what’s this [except incredulous] and Shams for o you wouldn’t know.

Meaning sun in Arabic Shams was a Ra was heliomantic

or the most subversive thing you could do is go by your own sun dial

unacknowledged yet more true like their romance yes platonic but what did plato know about love in

the warmth of love, hello choose hello



  1. Shams fucking rocked. I taught Rumi’s work in a long ago class at the New School, and Shams’s rocking-ness was not lost on me. I mean, he inspired a guy to whirl around a pillar, and dervishes been whirling ever since. That’s rocking. And whirling.

    1. Ahhhh! I wish I could’ve been in that class! Yeah Shams FTW

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