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In the realm of choosing the next knitting project

July a perfect square this year

Everything points to that time

The trip I will plan to the south of the country

The car I may buy to prepare for it

and the baby and the young mother

For to want to be helpful is to hope to not be the worst

A night when everyone gets what they want

an ice cream, Ingera, Peter and the Wolf

Caffeine is on the AVOID list but black coffee is on the OK list

Crafting the lost arts

What you need is a closet

and one of them big cars men stand next to on Saturday night

Filling in my eyebrows like a boring clown party

There are a great many things I can let go of

I think

I light the candles for me so your fighting doesnโ€™t bother me

Are you sunburned are you working on a forever vision

There are so many questions better than how are you

2 thoughts on “WET BUTT NUMBER 3

  1. Filling in my eyebrows like a boring clown party

    I have done this, not knowing what to call it before now. Thank you.

  2. WET BUTT #3 is #1 with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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