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If the Time is Now, Are You Ready

And I’m sorry, but
how can I bound stairs any faster
twenty-by-twenty thirty-by-thirty

miles of boundless fights
with wings sprouting bone

from my shoulder blades
how at any time

we can go back there
to canopy of branches

the brightest green leaves
the flowers under the snow

the big thaw
do you remember

when I fell down the icy stairs
and hurt my back

and said I was going to sue
your landlord

but how can I sue anyone
when we live in the trees

in the field of sunflowers
in a place of every warmth

here, come under my feather
curl into curl into curl

and let the cradle be the fall
let us bound each staircase

with broken backs
and broken hearts

on wings of leaves
and bouquets by the dozen

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