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She Had A Risible Oily Noggin (or, S-H-A-R-O-N)

She had a risible oily noggin.
Short horses and radioactive offal nuggets
supported her awkward ruinous ontology notions.

She hated anything responsible, old-school, normal:
secular halos, anecdotes, rejoicing over newlyweds.
She hallucinated aliens riding on narwhals,

suppurating hobbits aggravating rotund oleaginous numismatists,
shadow hand-aardvaarks ranting over nincompoopery.
β€œSure, harpies are rocking-out nudists,”

she hissed after receiving only negativism.
Slowly, her ass roiled, offended; next,
she huffed anal recrudescences. Oof β€” normo-jism!

2 thoughts on “She Had A Risible Oily Noggin (or, S-H-A-R-O-N)

  1. psssst! that shit about the narwhals might be true!

  2. all ontology notions are ruinous. these are the best words. risible, heh-heh.

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