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The Animated Series

Glory, glory

I peel away the stickers

With the fingernail part of my brains

Then apply GOO OFF to the sticky remains

The glue is molecular

What is an enzyme?

Carried through the winter

A sheep fed on mutton

Iā€™m so heavy every time when the time comes

I can’t figure out how to mention Henry Warnimont

I have it and I lose it

Acronyms long as sentences

Sweet music on the ill tempered clavier

The pendulums fall back into sync

Overlovely queries about philosophies of living,

A recipe for the bubbles

The pushpin you left point up on the table

Somehow affrights me all the way across the room

Like a troll I already turned to stone

When the green lake still waits for me

For some eternal return theory of temporary returning

Chitty chitty bang bang chuffs the wonderful machine 

It has no steering wheel

Only many DOOR OPEN elevator buttons

To give everyone something to push while they wait

For the doors to open when it is time for the doors to open

So thoughtful is this thinking machine

You follow it out into the meadow

Golden doodle

Sing the song and say the saying

Some cyclops have one eye, some have three

2 thoughts on “The Animated Series

  1. YES!

  2. seconding that YES! and multiplying by 3, to this way to the three-eyed cyclops.

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