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Docenture: green

In the green room, we have grass.
Grass is rhizomal but we won’t bore you
with that tetch and twaddle. Those men hated
something much like themselves, something
terribly equivalent. This room is a room
we are proud of. We’ve acquired un-nasty goats
to graze and sing. You might suppose that means
a mountain, but we do not believe one part
of the earth should lord itself over the valleys.
#Riverism. Our equalities hinge on all artifacts
in the green room functioning as both art
and fact: stand-ins. I am your docent and I
will be standing in for Whitman who has been
canceled repeatedly. When any object can be
imagined as a different object, you have virtual
reality without electricity, without scarcity, without
any city at all. You can deign to be more bucolic.
Even interior. Cry. The vibe of this room verges
on simplicity, really a small town on the edge
of an ocean, the one remaining rainforest, alp.
We want all our visitors to lie down in fields
unpoppied, tripping volitionally on their own
oxygen intake, freed lungs swinging invisibly
above them like green-assed balloons.  

2 thoughts on “Docenture: green

  1. we do not believe one part
    of the earth should lord itself over the valleys

    Yeah wtf is wrong with that one part? it should aspire to be a green-assed balloon

  2. green-assed balloons! i love this one through & through, kk.

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