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If There is Anywhere Else to Go, Here We Are

A sign where I write
she’s gone
and she’s not coming back
and my body splits
in two
one half into the cosmos
sucked into the moving black hole
scientists have lost track of
and the other half
slathered across a kitchen table
served with gravy
and a side of mourning
what does grief taste like
more than a dozen afternoons
of missing, a soft curve,
mouths for kissing,
where do our hands go
when there is nowhere
else to go
here take my half body
my half brain my half heart
and quickly gobble
before it figures out
how to be whole again
without you.

1 thought on “If There is Anywhere Else to Go, Here We Are

  1. oof, i am punched through by this one โค๏ธ

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