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I’m thinking about the doctor in the riddle who can’t operate because that’s her child on the operating table.

On television it’s all thinkable.

Then in some poetic essay you don’t happen to mention terms of endearment, my, my, my,

I get a little kick every time

One toe squished up against the next

Incognito memoir

I think I love being by myself it’s being alone that gets uneasy

Calamari without fried breading isn’t that just squid

I take the tunnel off the bookshelf

Hoping for, what, harbingers of prophecy?

It’s like a ferocious beige wall, the closer you get, the beigier

Goodest, boy number one says

Most good, boy number two corrects

I have to catch them both before we can go on

But the same thing I’m writing in order to tell you, you are reading in order to tell me

Some friends sit at our table

I deal the cards

Last night I watched a video on how to play contract bridge, the game my great-great-uncle supposedly invented

I’ve seen his face on the cover of Sports Illustrated though history is apocryphal

The rules are nearly unlearnable but I could have played it with you all night a hundred years ago today

Imagine the luxury of that much luxury

Who has the time? What time is it?

I asked a celebrity by accident after a midnight movie when I first got to the city

He scowled back and gave me a middle finger

That’s one approach

Bad riddance to good rubbish

As of tonight even my eight year old has learned air quotes

Living in the country of innovation

Walking over the rocks on Paloma Beach

Waiting for the day to wear the hat so I can toss the hat into the wind

Today is always that day, right?

2 thoughts on “Nice

  1. omg NOICE!!!!!

  2. It’s like a ferocious beige wall, the closer you get, the beigier

    my nightmare scenario.

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