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Roy G. Bivouacked

The aftercolored dusk is where I tell this story

Mystery of the villain whose vials of mislabeled placebos

Applied to our bodies filled our bookshelves

With late style’s overwrought overwriting

Little songs in sharp key pulling at lenticular buttons

I have a rat brain who sees in every shadow a brother

I have to remind myself hello every word for I don’t know

Squeeze the we inside the sentence and vowels fall out

Plentiful rare earth metals from meteorites in the taiga 

Wishing to be helpful, punctual, so unobtrusive

A bed on wheels, a robovac’s endless inhalation

But 98.6 is a very hot afternoon! My personality is barbarian

Touring in my zeppelin the thermosphere

Tossing out books on hygge, tossing national anthems

Tossing personology acronyms Y for yes T for terday

Open the piano dip me in

The university of the future universe can dehisce

With my rods and cones I must live on the very top of the sun

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