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At the Opening Ceremony of the Sheep Spirit Meeting

A unicorn unction maestro in a cloak of medical grade aluminum is summoning a banana to a lamb, a brandy to a steak, and virgin salsa to the proper functioning of word-frequencies at the opening ceremony of the Sheep Spirit Meeting.

But when the unicorn unction maestro summons a unicorn, and the summoned unicorn summons a smaller unicorn which in turn summons an even smaller unicorn, a silhouette of forsaken teddy bears shadowed by blood clouds and mustard begins forming over the opening ceremonies of the Sheep Spirit Meeting.

And the endorphins flow. The blood clouds produce Big Help Oil. Dr. Chest steps up to release grief with his long-suffering comforter Bethlehem. All dogs gain justice. Neroli rosemary and hyssop yield to cypress, to sighs rain sun emotions situations marjoram borage hawthorn and Norepinephrine the Bear. Mung beans become the urgent healing proclivities of a crow-devoured sky.

Then stars. Then night comes after a vulnerable sun. Then rest. Rest you deaths you blue cedars you salvias breathing brightness. Lemons. Clary. Hold healing and pass and come back with the wind. With the crying of wartime collarbones. With the growing exhales. The casual probabilities. The ships that go alone. Go, ill salts. Go, dark sight. Go with ease and word-frequencies all functioning properly at the opening ceremony of the Sheep Spirit Meeting

2 thoughts on “At the Opening Ceremony of the Sheep Spirit Meeting

  1. Ahh, that is the salvia my norepinephrine bear needed today.

  2. These vibrations ring and ring! And bring me closer to the flock/oneness/unicorn cape.

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