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Be Docent to Each Other

We, at [email protected], are here to make sure you know
how to speak, who to f***, where to go & when to
—go now MarvinK, go crazy, but don’t say crazy, think
good thoughts, do good things, except don’t do anything  
not yours to do, there’s a page on the internet you can
check, there’re seven thousand contraindicating listicles, or
skip it since we know you haven’t performed your eight
rounds of selfcare since breakfast, the most important meal
to skip while intermittently fasting, &you need to, who told
you btw you were good enough to do good things? your
mother? you should check your self, your breasts, your men-
opausal or pandemic belly, your checkbook (no, get rid of
the checkbook/the police state/those shoes you can’t pull
off now that bending at the waist makes the back thing
happen), give us a follow, we know you’re not sure how to
check our claims, suffice it to say it’s a tone thing we’ve
mastered (don’t say master), once we cashed in our tapped ED
for sparkling Dante, an all-the-way downgrade so shall-we-say
applicable? We may be Nobody but Nobody’s clutch, our purse
gone public. Nobody is not an artist. Nobody not an expert.
Nobody curates experience. There is no influencer as bog.
More froggy. You’ll listen to Nobody. You always have.

3 thoughts on “Be Docent to Each Other

  1. oh, be docent!

    menopausal/pandemic belly — I so relate.

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Ha, feeling this one. Nobody is *such* a trash influencer, sheesh.

  3. I can only say YES. Not Yes And. Just fucking yes. Yes period. I am about to enter my Yes Period, but only if it sounds like this.

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