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The real story of 101 Dalmatians centers around Mrs. Darling who sees Cruella as an old school friend and not a threat. if she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will The real evil then is Mrs. Anita Darling whose film version is unafraid of Cruella, is unafraid of cruelty and even lets a you idiot slip wile talking to Mr. Darling. Her husband’s song, which soon affords the care of 101 dogs, written by songwriter and fisherman Mel Levin in homage? borrowing? sampling? of Thelonious Monk’s Ba-Lue-Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are. The Mrs. Darling in the book is quite less evil and more polite and so polite she never speaks hardly any truth but then is so generous she overcomes her faults by taking in the milk-full Perdita contributing to a sort of triangle between the adult Dalmatians, a breed of hunting dog once of mix of great dane and pointer, from a changed and contested area on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. I should hope to never be as nice as Mrs. Darling who insists that she must invite Cruella to dinner because the darlings were invited to the De Vils. The second triangle here is hard to locate because of Mrs. Darling’s boundarylessness. Is Mrs. Darling flirting with Curella? Is she flirting with the devil? She notices Cruella’s husband eats more at their the Darlings’ house than at his own house as his wife eats everything covered in pepper even ice cream. Was Mrs. Darling toying with her new husband, that she could introduce an abomination into their household and would he defend it? Luckily Mrs. Darling doesn’t have to answer for herself for her flirtation is gone as soon as the puppies are born and all the dinner guests including the De Vils let themselves out. 

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