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for Shardav



                                   included The early moods eggs over easy rye

                                      toast With butter milk

                                          grAss grits sweet tea scrapple I’m sorry

a list sea urchin haggis what else cutlets oF various persuasions including those

       who cant commit olives thick blocks oF farmers cheese

                                          caLalloo and

                                 dumplings fEta

                                        cheeSe sugar

                               cubes coffee No


 willow pollen honey comb a reason to sing aVocado avocado avocado cortado

                               trickling watEr

                                           fRom the colorado turtle on a rock toad in a

                                 things milkWeed

                                         creamery cArrion termites bones ants cold

                        pizza and diet coke Fresh

                               baguettes in France or tang

                                        and Lucky

                                       strikEs with bloody mary hallelujah

                                and recompenSe hair of the dog and baby zebras but horses is for hay

2 thoughts on “IT’S NOT WAFFLES

  1. Every Little Iteration Zig-Zags And Boogies — Ewok The Heavenly!

  2. lol never! i love a good midcrostic

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