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Mouse Manor

News dates the present

So it can harrow later

How dated it was

How if I had known

More news

Could I have felt more


Some sort of person with a suffix


Like communicating with products

Not knowing what animal they came out of

The shrimp in the flamingo feathers

The boredom in the silence

It’s an asset

But not an agent

Which distinction means

Too stupid to know who it’s working for

I’ll never have that thought again

I never had to have it in the first place

Keeping my head down

Flapping my wings

In a contest to see who stands on what step

So our heads are all at the same height

In the photograph of all the proud conversationalists

Silently listening

The list gets longer

The more open the more open secrets

Neither apologizing nor accepting submissions of apology

To keep the channel open




The part of the brain that knew all the phone numbers

What is doing with those neurons these days?

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