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Turning to the bowl with the little cotton balls

On a four pajama day

If a shard from the original crown of thorns was in a spire did it burn

My great-grandmother only spoke German 

comfortable silence a porch

I wonder why she came to America if she was glad

Try to balance on the leg you weren’t balancing on

Try to make the Germans who are speaking stop

Try to imagine everything i have is everything I want

Are lyrics really so difficult to understand

Waiting for family after family

To have an ask is the same as having a say

The most subversive thing I did was switch the salt and pepper lids

and slide notes of apology under her door

Setting old boards in the woods for all who walk there

What is the thing you do first everyday

Before using the toilet before any choices

2 thoughts on “NEGOTIATING IS OVER

  1. My great-grandmother too. A butcher no less. But I now really wanna change my first thing in the mornings to better live in the world with this poem.

    1. thank you!

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