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Poem for Generous

I try to be not proud, to feel no shame
Listening to kids and their inventions

Which involve perforations to deliver
Vaccines through the bottom of my feet

A metal plate leans up against my door
The diary evacuated beyond all imagining

Spectre all I eat is myself
A most nourishing meal but my sole protein

I should seek out other requirements
Climb the energy pyramid

Smoke of the burning bushes, glacial water runoff
In your long-range telescope viewfinder

The mirrors and parabolic dishes align
Is that a should or a must in your will

I can be located even outside parameters
Least world is the sound of the sound of my voice

This is what I hear from your perspective
Bitcoin ballet

Extinction springtime
Listen to me person consult the contract

Earbuds on the picnickers eyes on the phones
Some dogs have breeds some birds have songs

If the language has gotten too old speak it
Iā€™m not so used to these maneuvers

1 thought on “Poem for Generous

  1. I desperately want to choreograph a bitcoin ballet. and be outside parameters.

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