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[untitled yule tide]— draft, page 7

[untitled yule tide]— draft, page 7

in marginalia season—
hawkless salt-hag

the tide adds or subtracts 
a causeway— a lightening

line between the deeper
blues & though I

look with adoration at these
lines for hours 

nothing comes
back to me

•for April I will try to work out one page of a draft per day from a long poem in sections of 10 pages each

6 thoughts on “[untitled yule tide]— draft, page 7

  1. am I ever not in marginalia season?
    these pages stun.

    1. it can be marginalia season all year if we want it to be!

  2. Let’s here for the hawkless salt hag! Huzzah!

    1. huzzah! I love a salt hag! we should all have hawks tho, if we want them

  3. What was my day missing? The hawkless salt hag. And the liberation of nothing coming back.

    1. love.

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