Six chapbooks in one paperback edition! 

Praise for the chapbooks in BOUND: The Second Array

“There are poets who give one the impression that they see everything as if through their own semitransparent reflection in a pane of glass which precedes them by a few feet at every turn.  By contrast, Ben Fama’s poetry greets the violence of contemporary life with a sophistication that needs no defense or attack; Odalisque’s practiced poise doesn’t come off as studied, but as a disarming ease, even at its most challengingly elegant.” Small Press Book Review, Erik Noonan

“Among the post-apocalyptic rubble, you can still hear the quivering orgasm of human inquisition in Natalie Eilbert’s first book, Conversations with the Stone Wife, to be released by Bloof Books this year. Eilbert unburies the Venus of Willendorf, a figure whom civilization’s increasingly greedy demands have been pinned on- in one form or another-for centuries, and dares to ask her about wifery, motherhood, muse-life, and fertility. Quite understandably, the Venus has other things on her mind, which Eilbert voices horrifically, sensually, and with a historian’s antecedent yet prophetic look over the shoulder. The world this chapbook creates is one posterior enough to systemic collapse to admit that it’s ruined itself. Still, somehow, the people expect an oracle with a velvet voice. Instead, they get the vengefully coarse whisper of the primeval returned to say, ‘I told you so.’ Still, the stone wife is not all doom and gloom. She’s going to have her way with you through Eilbert’s lush verbs and forceful repetition, and you’re going to love it.” —Monica McClure, Electric Literature

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Spring 2019
8 x 8
TBD pages
Perfect-bound paperback
Color photos & illustrations

The serial volumes of BOUND extend the availability of our limited-edition handmades from our chapbook series, by combining each set of six into one paperback edition. BOUND: The Second Array collects the following titles:

Bedtime Stories for the End of the World! by Daniel Borzutzky

Sympathetic Nervous System by Jackie Clark

Conversation with the Stone Wife by Natalie Eilbert

Odalisque by Ben Fama

The Failure Age by Amanda Montei

Little Uglies by Dawn Sueoka

Each of the chapbooks appears in full, introduced by a color photograph of its original handmade edition.

These paperback volumes are perfect for libraries, course adoptions, and readers who prefer collecting chapbooks in a sturdy, accessible format.

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Borzutzky, Daniel, Clark, Jackie, Eilbert, Natalie, Fama, Ben, Montei, Amanda, Sueoka, Dawn