Peter Davis


“One of the most important American contemporary poets.” —Time Out Tel Aviv

“Somehow they transform into something dazzling and strange.” —Gina Myers, Fanzine

“What would a poetry in defense of awkwardness, of naivete, of middle school failure and weirdness and bad taste, sound and look like? It would make fun of itself; it would invite us to make fun of it (wondering how, and in what spirit, readers would take up the invitation). It would sound like Tina.” —Stephanie Burt, Coldfront

“Poems that shriek with personality, honesty, humor, and goodness.” —Vouched Books

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May 2013
Trade Paper Original
ISBN: 978-0-9826587-3-4
92 pp. | $16.00

“Who is Tina?” we asked.

“There is, was or was not this girl or this idea called Tina and these are poems regarding that murky situation,” Peter said.

With his previous two books, Davis obsessed about mustaches and poetry (among other things, but mostly those things). In this book, he turns his obsessive eye toward memory, nostalgia, love, revolution, and a million what-ifs to create a loose narrative of Tina and Kyle that’s both bittersweet and spiked with idiosyncratic humor. They’re difficult people in ordinary situations. Sometimes things happen. Here Davis abandons the “radical honesty” of Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! for something weirder, and lets his muse (or anti-muse) lead the way.

As Peter explains, “I mean it’s a lot different to say, ‘the woods are lovely dark and deep, and miles to go before I sleep’ and saying, ‘the woods are lovely dark and deep, and miles to go before I sleep, Bob.'”

He’s got a point there.

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Davis, Peter