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Frank Sherlock’s 2018 recommended reading

We’ve asked our authors to submit highlights from their reading this year— anything outstanding they read during the year and want to share, whether published this year or not. As a countermeasure/contrast to the typical year-end Best Of lists compiled by various mainstream media outlets (which are often linked to ad buys, or shared parent companies, o did you not know that!?), expect these personal lists to point in less expected directions. We’ll be posting our poets’ picks as they come in over the next week or two. Enjoy. —Bloof

Frank Sherlock is the author of Space Between These Lines Not DedicatedOver Here, and a collaboration with Brett Evans entitled Ready-to-Eat Individual. Poems beyond the page have found their forms in installations, performances, and exhibitions, including Organize Your Own: The Politics & Poetics of Self-Determination. He is a 2013 Pew Fellow and 2014–15 Poet Laureate of Philadelphia.

Bloof published Frank’s collaboration with CAConrad earlier this year—The City Real & Imagined.

Thanks so much for asking! Here’s my list:

Lo Terciario/The Tertiary
Raquel Salas Rivera
(Timeless, Infinite Light)

Raquel Salas Rivera lo terciario / the tertiary

City of the Future
Sesshu Foster
(Kaya Press)

“gaza poem” in Peach Mag
Fargo Tbakhi

Etel Adnan
(Nightboat Books)

General Motors
Ryan Eckes
(Split Lip Press)

River I Dream About” in American Poetry Review
Oliver Baez Bendorf

New and Selected Poems
Cecilia Vicuña
(Kelsey Street Press)

Glitter in My Wounds” in Poetry Magazine

The Silence that Remains: Selected Poems, 1982–2003
Ghassan Zaqtan
(Copper Canyon Books)

The universe collapses” in Up the Staircase Quarterly
June Gehringer

Carlos Soto-Román
(Commune Editions)

Now I Will Write Using Words of the Left” in Tripwire Journal
Universal Jenny

Tommy Pico
(Tin House Books)

Infinity Ghazal Beginning with Lice and Never Ending with Lies” in Poetry Magazine
Tarfia Faizullah

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
(Northwestern University Press)