A banner that says Bloof Books 2022–2023 Handmade Chapbook Series in yellow and white text with a background of multicolored book papers at different angles, creating a striped effect.

Happy New Year!

Thank you, dear readers, for your support in 2022. We released three chapbooks—Pattie McCarthy and Irene Vázquez in the new series, plus a bonus fundraiser chap by CAConrad. (At last count, we’ve sent out 424 chapbooks, each copy handmade in our studio.) We launched our new art imprint Hi Water Press by releasing several linocuts, two hand-printed collage series, and more, and participating in more than a dozen regional art and print fairs.

We’re excited to bring you even more poetry & art in 2023. First up: On Dreams by Maureen Thorson (book), and dear Elsie / seltzer by Nicole Steinberg (chapbook). More about both of these as we make our way through January!