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“Conrad’s conversation with Platt is unsurprisingly straightforward about the realities of being a citizen–much less a poet–in a climate of injustice, war, and unrest. Conrad also speaks to how somatic practice affects his poetry, what it means to speak through character (as in The Book of Frank), what a vision for queer poetry might look like, and more.” —Poetry Foundation

“CAConrad is a funny, politically engaged poet who often writes powerfully about injustices related to race, gender, class, and the environment in his poems and elsewhere. They’ve been a vocal critic of US foreign policy and war for a while, as anyone who has read this, or this, or this, or any of their books might tell you. In the interview the LoC solicited, Conrad criticizes the US military and the police for killing people, ‘sometimes children,’ with guns, bombs, and drones. In a lyrical passage, he calls himself complicit in this violence, and questions the ability of poetry to address the systems that perpetuate it in any meaningful way.” —The Stranger

Read an interview about this interview at Melville House, by Ian Dreiblatt.

Sold out!

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Prose / Poetics
Bloof Books Process Pamphlets #1

May 2016
5 x 6 inches, hand trimmed
Mohawk i-Cream Eco Tone Cover
Inkjet-printed with Avery label** & Sharpie
Laser-printed Mohawk Natural Smooth 70lb Text interior
Saddle stapled
16 pages

This was an unscheduled pop-up project in 2016, handmade in an unnumbered limited edition for $3, and the inaugural title in our irregular Process Pamphlet series. One dollar from each printed copy sold was donated to LAMBDA LEGAL ( for their tireless battle to protect LGBTQ people in the United States. (They are not affiliated with the press or this project, except as our designated beneficiary for these donations.) The other $2 covered materials & postage. It sold out quickly. A free digital edition was simultaneously released. It can be read or downloaded here.


“This is a call to poets to stand together and vow to never change what we write and what we say when any part of the government body asks this of us.”

“No matter how many poems I write I cannot undo my complicity, I cannot reverse the sea of gravestones, and my poems will never be an apology worth a single life taken by our collective national ignorance, greed and irrational fear.”

“We need as many people being creative right now as possible because it is the creative people who will solve the problems facing the survival of our species.”

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