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“Danielle Pafunda abolishes the stereotype of prissy, dainty girls in her thrilling poetry collection The Dead Girls Speak in Unison. Set in a surrealistic underworld, takes on the collective voice of empowered female corpses and ironically uses quaint language and structure to describe the true nature of women. […] Pafunda’s collection leaves readers craving more of its ‘rotten pages.’ ‘If you’re looking for something pretty,’ don’t look here. —Verse, Brittany Capps

“We don’t often see choral speakers, but speaking in unison gives these ‘girls’ collective presence, forcing us to face gender violence. [T]he girls gain a certain power in this … raw girls who bypass maturity, who are as rank and offensive as possible. These unrefined girls are deeply unsettling.” —The Plot, Heidi Czerwiec

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Publication date: April 2017
Trade Paper Original
5 x 7
84 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9965868-6-3

The Dead Girls Speak in Unison is Danielle Pafunda’s sixth collection of poems. Two of Danielle’s other books are also available from Bloof: My Zorba and Natural History Rape Museum.

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Pafunda, Danielle