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Alyssa Lynee


This sold-out chapbook is available as a free ebook. Read or download the PDF here.

Sold out!

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Bloof Books Chapbook Series
Vol. 3: Issue 3 (2015)
7 x 8 inches
36 pages

KNOTTED. was the third chapbook in the 2015 series from Bloof Books. It was released in a handmade limited edition of one hundred numbered copies (sold out), followed by a digital release. We will be posting the free PDF soon.

“There is no known treatment.” Part fantasy and part autobiography, the tender, tentative, and brutally perceptive poems in KNOTTED. explore what common humanity might be shared between a young woman poet and an infamous killer, whose lives and circumstances overlap in some ways, diverge in others. What does it mean to suspect oneself of the worst, to compare oneself to an extreme example of depravity, to be simultaneously compassionate and complicit?

Cover illustration
Engraving of three monsters from De monstrorum causis, natura et differentiis by Fortunio Liceti, first published in Padua, Italy in 1616. Artist unknown. Public domain.

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Lynee, Alyssa