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April 2013
5.5 x 5.5 inches
36 pages

Nonstop Pop was the third chapbook in the 2012–2013 series from Bloof Books. The chapbook was released in a limited edition of one hundred numbered copies (sold out), followed by a digital release. Read or download the PDF here.

Klaver samples movie dialogue, invents new lyrics for her favorite band, recalls a blog post by Eileen Myles, rewrites the dictionary a few times, plays Slip ‘N Slide with America, cheekily appropriates testimonials for a popular self-help book, and expresses a few feelings by way of their equivalent b®and names for maximal market penetration in these 22 pop-influenced poems.

The design concept of Nonstop Pop is reminscent of a pop album or CD, in a square shape, with full-color ink jet cover and a snippet of the lyrics on the back. The run of 100 copies was hand-sewn in natural twine.

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Nonstop Pop is also included in our chapbook compliation, BOUND: The First Array.

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Klaver, Becca


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