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Two new free PDFs have been added to our chapbook assortment

A copy of Ghosts, Models, Visions by Ginger Ko on a maple-top workbench. The hand-printed cover is turquoise blue with brown stamped title, handwritten author name in brown pencil, and a gold stamped windup key. If there is a format you’d find more accessible than PDF, we’d love to hear from you:
Ghosts, Models, Visions by Ginger Ko
The flattened front and back cover for Catie Rosemurgy's chapbook, First the Burning. Unusually, the title and author name appear on the back, along with an excerpted line: "Every day the people are strung onto the fire like beads onto a wire." The front cover is a typescript of a poem, crossed out with charcoal and scorched in places so the text is mostly obscured, except for the phrase "first the burning."
First the Burning by Catie Rosemurgy

You can access the PDFs via the book pages below. Enjoy, and feel free to share.