Princess Dirt Pig (original linocut)


On June 14th, the San Diego Zoo announced the birth of “a new princess dirt pig”—aardvark means earth pig in Afrikaans—along with a couple of aadorable videos of her running around snuffling and digging. (Scroll down to see one!) How could I resist this weird little critter and that perfect nickname?! So I started on a print to celebrate her.

Princess Dirt Pig is a multiblock print carved from battleship gray linoleum and hand-printed on 8 x 10 inch Japanese printmaking paper by Awagami Factory using custom-mixed Cranfield Colours Caligo Safe Wash relief printing inks. She is available in two color combos: Blushing Gray or Lime Teal. Each print is signed, numbered, with editions limited to 50. Ships in rigid stay-flat mailer with protective wrap. Plastic-free packaging. (Our site can’t handle postage calculations for international orders, but feel free to email me. I’m happy to calculate shipping based on your address outside the US.)

PREORDER NOTE. As of July 12, I’m still printing and drying these, so after what I’ve got on hand at the moment there may be a short wait for shipping. I’m allowing orders up to 50 each though and will print once a week, so it won’t be forever. I’ll email you to let you know the ETA. Thank you!

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Please note: Each print is an original impression from the hand-carved linoleum blocks, printed with custom-mixed ink colors that may vary slightly between batches. Minor chatter and slight embossing of the paper are characteristic of the hand-printing process. Monitors and mobile devices may not accurately display color. Artwork © Shanna Compton. All rights reserved.

More About the Princess Dirt Pig

From the press release: “The San Diego Zoo has announced the birth of an aardvark cub—the first be born at the Zoo in more than 35 years. The female cub, yet to be named, was born May 10 to first-time aardvark parents, mother Zola and father Azaan. […] Born hairless with wrinkly, pink skin and floppy ears, at five weeks old, the cub’s skin is beginning to smooth and she has tall ears, the typical aardvark pig-like snout, a long, strong tail and poor eyesight, but a keen sense of smell. She rarely leaves her mother’s side, and will nurse from Zola for about six months. The cub will begin eating insects after two to three months. When full grown in about a year, she will be independent, and could weigh up to 140 pounds. […Aardvarks] are currently at risk due to human population growth causing loss of habitat, and hunting.”

Not implying any approval or endorsement of this artwork by the zoo. I’m just an earth pig fan.

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Blushing Gray, Lime Teal

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