Douglas Piccinnini


May 2019
6 x 9 |  32 pages

Handprinted linocut cover
Caligo Safe-Wash Relief Ink on pale gray 100 lb cover
Digitally printed interior on natural white 60 lb text
Hand sewn in natural twine

Note: Individually printed by hand in small batches, no two covers will be exactly alike. Expect minor variations in color across the edition. Thank you, readers, for your incredible support of Bloof’s handmade series. Full series subscriptions are sold out, but you can create your own custom bundle with the books that remain!

Limited to 150 numbered copies

Volume 4: Issue 1 (2019)
ISSN 2373-163X

From the author of Blood Oboe and Story Book comes a moving new series of poems saturated with the finely observed, tactile details of living—together, in conflict, apart. “For inside of this red world of red shapes / Red clouds and red appetites there is a green thought.”

Douglas Piccinnini is the author of Victoria (Bloof, forthcoming), Blood Oboe (Omnidawn, 2015) and Story Book: a novella (The Cultural Society, 2015). Recent writing has appeared with Denver Quarterly, Fence, Lana Turner, Nat. Brut, Seattle Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Tammy, Verse, and the Volta—among other publications. Currently, he lives in Lambertville, NJ and works as a chef and consultant. Website:

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Immortal Pig

In stone. In gold. In blood.
Your life unfolds and obscures it.
You run to it. You run away from it.
Exchanges of pleasure
Zero the ripeness of desire.
A grave dark raises its flag.
A green road curves up a white hill.
A bronze cloud says: Does this spell relief?
The raiment of my heart
Catches fire. Elsewhere, a clear day
Of hot light workshops the ground.
You are a child fresh with lies.
The marble years lay awake and destiny
Like an ocean bursts its foam
On the shoreline, cancels, rolls away.
These feelings, in late afternoon
Remain uncapsized, unswayed, unbruised.
Safe as milk. Up and down. North and South.
And yet, I hadn’t taken the cure.

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Piccinnini, Douglas

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