Dakotah Jennifer


May 2019
6 x 9 |  32 pages

Handprinted linocut cover
Caligo Safe-Wash Relief Ink on cream 80 lb cover
Digitally printed interior on natural white 60 lb text
Hand sewn in natural twine

Note: Individually printed by hand in small batches, no two covers will be exactly alike. Expect minor variations in color across the edition. Thank you, readers, for your incredible support of Bloof’s handmade series. Full series subscriptions are sold out, but you can create your own custom bundle with the books that remain!

Limited to 150 numbered copies

Volume 4: Issue 2 (2019)
ISSN 2373-163X

FOG is the debut chapbook by Dakotah Jennifer, a remarkable young poet who cites influences ranging from Lucie Brock-Broido to Sam Sax, while coming through loud and clear in her own voice, in a series of poems tinged with the heart’s “violent living and scarlet song.”

Dakotah Jennifer is an eighteen-year-old black writer currently attending Washington University in St. Louis. She started writing at eight and has loved it ever since. While working on self-publishing her poetry and an essay collection, she has been published in the Grief Diaries, interned for the JMWW literary magazine, and was on the Long List in the Fish Publishing Flash Fiction contest. Jennifer writes about race, class, and gender, stretching her emotions into tangible things. She strives to write things that grow. Fog is her first chapbook.

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How many stars are on the confederate flag.
Where, in the south, is it illegal to be black.
How do you travel from south carolina to New York in bare feet.
Who was the president in 1863.
Why did he free the slaves.
What is the definition of an ally.
Do you know what the paper bag test is. Do you approve.
Where is the line between north and south.
What is the 13th amendment. What does it mean.
How many were added to the population once 3/5 became 1.
Who invented the filament.
Who invented the mailbox.
Who invented the blood bank.
Who invented the traffic light.
Why did explorers travel to Africa.
How many were killed by hoses.
How many were killed by trees.
How many are still hanging from ropes.
How many were under 20.

from “The American Protection Against Black Violence Act”

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Jennifer, Dakotah

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