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Important Chapbook Shipping Update

An announcement graphic in yellow with multicolored abstract shapes around the edges. The text says: Chapbook Shipping Status. This week, November 7–11, we are working to fill orders that came in on the following dates: Take Me to the Water preorders placed Oct 10–15. I Prefer the Forests Making Blankets from Themselves preorders placed Oct 3–10.

Because y’all have been so enthusiastic, I have a lot of chapbooks to make! I’ve set up an email autoresponder to answer status questions and will update it each week until I’ve caught up. OK? Thank you for your patience!

This week, Nov 7–11, I’ll be working on TAKE ME TO THE WATER preorders that came in between Oct 10–15 and I PREFER THE FORESTS preorders that came in between Oct 3–10.

It’s a bit hard to explain, but well before we “go live” with preorders, we actually already have a backlog. Our subscribers mostly signed on in the spring, for instance, and our authors also sometimes need the first batch for a launch event, etc. So even if you smashed that button on the first day, so sorry, you are not actually first. 😂

I’ve sent out…let’s see…about 150 copies of these two, all told. And yours is coming, I promise.