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15 (on 16)

Trash eyes
Lula can’t stop talking bout this city
An amalgam of Bad Moms
& all the wig-glam to prove it
like that time we stole the cop’s golf cart 
& he didn’t arrest us
because he’d get ribbed or worse

Well-water tooth
a wishing better     a set of broken ribs
when you jumped from the roof
A little brother didn’t even bother
to make it       aimed for the ground
A missile of his own purpose
Yellow flowers run along crickside

Or worse
A man hollers & the hallway rumbles 
He’s regretting everything      every day 
& choice & slide & workaday & lie
& truth & fuckup     He’s you & he’s also
your love     Your day your choice 
your slide your workaday your truth your fuckup