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Of course when a dog falls from the drainpipe you catch it

Turns out I didn’t have anything to worry because they’re people too

Pillows were probably on the floor when they arrived

An anthology is a record of a conversation

which is never perfect

What happens when we say we’re going to make the internet better

What happens next year

Meat has been used as an offering 

but can this bag of venison represent peace and safety

Often I think of the cow in Apocalypse Now

Can you visualize numbers

My favorite parenting books are the kind that say don’t read parenting books

Walking down a YES hallway

Rationing contacts

Giving his foot a message from me

Sanctuary for yarn 

Video letter for Tokyo

A feeling that there are about to be multiple pets

First a bee then a tick it must be above forty degrees

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Heart worms can crawl out of a dog’s nose

A new place to get yarn

You’re still alive so here’s a scarf

In the I’ll do it later syndrome

Why the tail light went into the wall

Oxford scooter daddy says let’s go

Marks up house of the golden worker

The police will be replaced and renamed

The Family of Nonjudgemental Adults

Turns out you can have everything 

Advertisements for water

The umph of my sabotage is nose in books

Do you know why this street is called Union Street

Do you know why these buildings were here

How the company paid for them

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The plan is to do everything I love after I do everything else

It’s how my unconscious stays in her favorite anger mode

All the things I would do without children

Running out of time with longing

Pouring sweet water

Licking the coffin clean

Magic box is another word for apartment

We don’t always have to follow the rules we don’t even know any rules

When Will was born with a hole in his heart

his mother was afraid to touch him

My father adored him

My father adored

Tall as tall

Interested in obstacles of course

I tricked you into work with seduction

Secret notes hanging in mezuzahs

It’s a wonderful joy any of the plants survived

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Turning to the bowl with the little cotton balls

On a four pajama day

If a shard from the original crown of thorns was in a spire did it burn

My great-grandmother only spoke German 

comfortable silence a porch

I wonder why she came to America if she was glad

Try to balance on the leg you weren’t balancing on

Try to make the Germans who are speaking stop

Try to imagine everything i have is everything I want

Are lyrics really so difficult to understand

Waiting for family after family

To have an ask is the same as having a say

The most subversive thing I did was switch the salt and pepper lids

and slide notes of apology under her door

Setting old boards in the woods for all who walk there

What is the thing you do first everyday

Before using the toilet before any choices

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May I have a yard sale in your house

Rummaging through something not on a contract

What can he say about a deal if I don’t believe in celebrity

About a puddle of generosity

While in my house

From one cathedral to another

around roads around mountains

in the cold air in Comte

Memories of the voice beaming from the stone

into countless mittens for dialysis 

Dye cut felt in hand

I will be the one who will make the plan

They may or may not like it

If they like it they will pretend they do not

The floating eye will see them

and sew itself into my hem like the faithful gray rabbit

headphones will peel away

into the foam of the blue shelter

as she reads her poems in a tiny closet

touching the ground

turning it into a book

Scooting away from the sun headache 

Closer to permission

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The real story of 101 Dalmatians centers around Mrs. Darling who sees Cruella as an old school friend and not a threat. if she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will The real evil then is Mrs. Anita Darling whose film version is unafraid of Cruella, is unafraid of cruelty and even lets a you idiot slip wile talking to Mr. Darling. Her husband’s song, which soon affords the care of 101 dogs, written by songwriter and fisherman Mel Levin in homage? borrowing? sampling? of Thelonious Monk’s Ba-Lue-Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are. The Mrs. Darling in the book is quite less evil and more polite and so polite she never speaks hardly any truth but then is so generous she overcomes her faults by taking in the milk-full Perdita contributing to a sort of triangle between the adult Dalmatians, a breed of hunting dog once of mix of great dane and pointer, from a changed and contested area on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. I should hope to never be as nice as Mrs. Darling who insists that she must invite Cruella to dinner because the darlings were invited to the De Vils. The second triangle here is hard to locate because of Mrs. Darling’s boundarylessness. Is Mrs. Darling flirting with Curella? Is she flirting with the devil? She notices Cruella’s husband eats more at their the Darlings’ house than at his own house as his wife eats everything covered in pepper even ice cream. Was Mrs. Darling toying with her new husband, that she could introduce an abomination into their household and would he defend it? Luckily Mrs. Darling doesn’t have to answer for herself for her flirtation is gone as soon as the puppies are born and all the dinner guests including the De Vils let themselves out. 

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The adult, the daughter, the armpit hair grower

Is the holy ghost on my period or not

Swinging low in the orange warm swaddle

Spitting and rolling basil

Birthmark in the shape of my mother’s longing

The giant looks tired today

Perhaps we should make her a pillow or run away

The fortress created so that all who enter

are immediately lost and similarly destroyed

If she’s going to open up a bead shop

she may as well start a middle school

How much is this for eight days in January

I’d like to be your thing

because everyone knows you have one

that you never talk about

There were only two of us that night counting cards

on top of the barges in these clean flag dirty towns

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My inbox stands to be a situation only for an adult

Crawling in the heart of the water with my blinking fingers

Petting your cat from far away

Transferring my untransferable joy of myself 

Was it you I was devouring or were you devouring me

Story of a marriage

It’s not all my fault 

When the heart and mind are open the body will follow

Was she herding or hurting

My neighbors text me pieces of the ocean’s robe

Here is where I am and there is what I miss

Picking up the plates sweeping away the books 

breathing in the orchard of guitar picks

eating the leaves of the unleavened 

touching a child’s head hearing the sweetness of bones

Was I illuminated or in combat

The three of me hold my three of me hands

and say I hate white rabbits

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In the realm of choosing the next knitting project

July a perfect square this year

Everything points to that time

The trip I will plan to the south of the country

The car I may buy to prepare for it

and the baby and the young mother

For to want to be helpful is to hope to not be the worst

A night when everyone gets what they want

an ice cream, Ingera, Peter and the Wolf

Caffeine is on the AVOID list but black coffee is on the OK list

Crafting the lost arts

What you need is a closet

and one of them big cars men stand next to on Saturday night

Filling in my eyebrows like a boring clown party

There are a great many things I can let go of

I think

I light the candles for me so your fighting doesn’t bother me

Are you sunburned are you working on a forever vision

There are so many questions better than how are you

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Walking is praying

Stumbling into a feeling that’s not anger

How long can I step this way into love

into a house into an apartment with ease

You can tell by outline Orion never understood Artemis

and by stars I see what all the fuss was about

When our oldest family member died

we had to find a place to store a giant

with a giant’s love for family

and a giant’s anger

From now on this fucking table is going to stay clean

Anger is love steam

Love is human history

Human history is the story of diseases and vaccines

which is a story of control

The presence of trout here in the water indicates purity

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The eternal quest for justice

Do fixes fix

Was it something I was there for

Were you someone I was here for

Waiting in your knuckle wrinkles

Who will wake up tied to a riot

Walking around birdhouse city

Being watched by the ones who was dishes

What is on trial exactly

The history of women who ordered salads

What did the naysayer say

Where the fuck did all these socks come from

Every Friday night I touch their heads and say this