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Dawn Sueoka

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Praise for Little Uglies

“Sueoka’s poetry uses the infinite to explain the minute. Drawing the divinity of her Honolulu surroundings, gods, suns, and rain permeate the pieces yet they maintain an anchoring, plain language to keep the reader grounded. Reading this chapbook is like being cast off and reeled back in over and over—each time to a new shoreline.” —Jen Fitzgerald, New Books in Poetry

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August 2014
Handmade | 4 x 6 inches
Various shades of blue/violet cover stock & ink. Linocut print.
32 pp.

Bloof Books Chapbook Series
Vol. 2: Issue 4
ISSN: 2373-163x

Litte Uglies was the fourth chapbook in the 2014 series from Bloof Books. Each chapbook in the series was released in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, followed by a digital release, and eventually a six-in-one compilation volume called BOUND.

The linocut design concept is inspired by the author’s close attention to small moments and details and her use of “nightmarish and crude” imagery and diction, including received phrases wedged into new and unexpected contexts, whereby the everyday strikes strange. The handprinted covers vary among a selection of blue, violet, and green shades, with inks ranging from silver and turquoise to lilac and deep indigo. The interiors are laser printed on bright white acid-free, archival-quality paper. Handsewn in natural twine.


Yellow skin banana with dark spots on it 

Sometimes I space out a little.
I let my body go completely limp.
The sky becomes false to me.
Everything is gross to me.
Ten times a day the sun rises and ten times a day the sun sinks.
I shut one eye and it is still there.
Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise:
Dog bites kid, and the world moves savagely on.
In the next century, I hope to be savage as Paul Verlaine.
I dip my fingers into a lake
that is only a rumor of a lake.
I throw fistfuls of petals into the
heart of the moon.
I shut one eye, shedding tears of red and blue.
Sometimes I space out a little.

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Sueoka, Dawn